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I've set up a much nicer home for REXPaint over on my main site here. Or go direct to where you can see the many features in action over here.

All future updates, resources, gallery images etc. will go there, so there's no reason to hang out here or link to this site. The posts on this aging blog will be left for posterity and to help continue redirect old users and those coming from one of the many places that link here from around the web. (I will, however, pretty much gut most of the content and other pages rather than maintain two sites at once or leave this one in an incomplete state since the main site will be getting updates over time.)
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  • Kyzrati

    Ah, I was wondering whether anyone would ask for/need CVS support. While maybe not as easy for some to use, the native .xp format is *much* smaller than anything else because it's both binary and compressed to the point that images are even smaller than their .png counterparts.

    Although I hadn't gotten around to providing official documentation for it, the specification has already been used by one dev for his game, which he both documented and uploaded the C# code for here.

    Would you still want CVS support given that the specs are available and it's not overly complicated?

    (As a side note, there is no font information stored in an image--the font will be whatever you set it to so the same image can be scaled to different sizes.)

  • Anonymous

    Would it be possible to get an export as .txt (without color obviously) ?
    It would be so useful to draw ascii art schemes into comments of source code.

  • Kyzrati

    Good news: You can already do that! In addition to the standard XP and PNG formats, REXPaint now exports TXT, CSV, ANS, XML, XPM, and BBCode. It's not obvious in the interface itself because special exports are only available via hotkeys, so you have to check the manual (or F1 help) to learn them.

    Naturally the text export has no color, but it is Unicode so it preserves characters from the 128-255 range. Try it out!

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