New REXPaint Website!

by Kyzrati on 20151113 , under


I've set up a much nicer home for REXPaint over on my main site here.

All future updates, resources, gallery images etc. will go there, so there's no reason to hang out here or link to this site. The posts on this aging blog will be left for posterity and to help continue redirect old users and those coming from one of the many places that link here from around the web. (I will, however, pretty much gut most of the content and other pages rather than maintain two sites at once or leave this one in an incomplete state since the main site will be getting updates over time.)
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Roguelike Development with REXPaint, a Guide

by Kyzrati on 20150728 , under

Over on my primary devblog I've posted an in-depth guide to how I use REXPaint for roguelike development--mockups, art, prefabs and more--including specific techniques and plenty of reference images. Check it out here!
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REXPaint Forums

by Kyzrati on 20150531 , under

We finally have an official dedicated forum board for REXPaint where you can discuss the program and its features, make suggestions, ask questions, share art etc. with myself and other users.

The Grid Sage Forums were opened as part of the recent alpha launch of Cogmind, a game created in part with the power of REXPaint.

Next month expect a major development post on the many different ways to get the most out of REXPaint!
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